School District and Education Employees

Discounted Financial Planning Services for School District Employees

Discounted Financial Planning Services for School District Employees

Seeking to help multi-tasking School District employees from neglecting their finances with Financial Plans designed to keep them better informed

Financial Planning for School District Employees - EDUCATOR FINANCIAL ANALYSIS

This 4-step process is simple, hassle-free, and designed to help you be in charge of your financial future.  Here's what you can expect.

Step 1 - Gather information

Step 2 - Discuss Needs, Wants and Goals

Step 3 - Jay Ennis, RICP creates the financial analysis.

Step 4 - Review The Analysis and specific Strategies for You

That's all there is to it.  There's special pricing for School District employees so it's sure to easily fit any budget.  If you are an overworked professional looking for a reliable wealth plan now is the time to get started.

Take a look at some of the sample pages below then contact me with the form below to get the details.  There's no cost or obligation to find out more.

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Our Process

Maximize you IPERS pension benefits

Client Centered

See all of your income sources in retirement

Client Centered

Run "What-if" scenarios to make better decisions

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More Real Life Strategies for Hard-Working Educators to be at Peace with their Money

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Help and Advice for Education Employees

Your Value

Both of my parents worked for the Des Moines Public Schools so I understand that everyone who works in education contributes to creating the learning environment.  I believe you deserve experienced, professional financial advice and a high level of service because of the important work you do impacting and shaping the lives of our children. 

The Problem

Many Financial Advisors have high minimums or haven't been around long enough to have worked with School employees.  It seems to me there aren't many Advisors who are paying attention to the people who most need and deserve help.

My Offer

I'm offering discounted financial planning services to all School District employees.  I am extending this offer to all education employees regardless of School District.

I'm taking part in the Des Moines Public Schools 'Perks" Rewards Program.  If you are a DMPS employee click here to visit the PerksConnect website.

 * Jay Ennis, Focus Financial and Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. are not government entities or government employees nor are they affiliated with any government entity. 

Des Moines Public Schools "Perks" Rewards Program

Des Moines Public Schools "Perks" Rewards Program

A local and national discount program for DMPS employees.  Click HERE for DMPS Perks Registration details 

Once you have your registration information you can find details at the website By Clicking HERE.  

Print out your membership card or get a Smartphone App so you always have it with you and start enjoying discounts at local and national restaurants and merchants.