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Making great decisions about your personal finances begins with education.  That's why Focus Financial and Jay Ennis are dedicated to cutting through the noise to help people incresase their knowledge, reduce their stress, and gain confidence in their journey to financial security.  

The Association of Financial Educators

The Association of Financial Educators

AFE works with the federal government to offer free financial wellness programs to organizations and businesses across the country. Improved job satisfaction, reduced turnover, and increased productivity are just a few ways our program can benefit your employees or members. You can learn more about the advantages of partnering with AFE by clicking on this link to their website.

Financial Education Programs as an employee benefit

Focus Financial is committed to providing objective financial education.  Offering this service to employers and their employees continues to be one of the core services our firm was built upon.

Our Financial Education program is a valuable recruitment and retention tool that requires little time or monetary investment, and we offer flexible delivery methods to meet your company's needs.

Benefits to the employer

  • Educated employees are more likely to contribute to their retirement plan accounts, helping employers meet nondiscrimination testing rules, avoids penalties, and allow highly compensated employees to participate fully in qualified plans.
  • Providing education can help employee retention and recruitment which can save you valuable time and resources.  According to one study it can cost as much as 33% of a workers annual salary to replace them after they leave.
  • PwC found that financially stressed employees are less productive, spending 3 to 4 hours per week thinking about or dealing with issues related to finances. 
  • The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College found that financially stressed employees have higher absentee rates.
  • Employee appreciation for providing valuable information and education that can have a positive impact on their lives.

Benefits to your employees

Employees who participate in financial wellness programs note1:

  • Better financial health
  • Lower debt
  • Better feelings about work and their employer
  • More satisfaction with employer benefits
  • Increased ability to save for retirement
  • Increased ability to save money (i.e., emergency fund, long-term savings, education, medical)

After using a financial wellness program for one year2:

  • 32% more employees increased their savings for specific goals. 
  • Those with at least 3 months of emergency savings increased by 27%. 
  • Those contributing to the employer sponsored retirement plan increased by 15%. 
  • Maximum contributions increased by 10%. 
  • 28% more employees now pay off their credit cards each month.

1 Source: Enrich: Calculating the ROI for Employee Financial Wellness 

Source: Enrich: Calculating the ROI for Employee Financial Wellness, all Enrich users in 2019

Presentation Topics

Here's a sampling from the library of the more than 150 presentations available.  We can help you choose which programs may be most helpful for you including breaking your group into separate audiences based upon their needs.

  • All presentations may include a thorough description of your employer provided benefits, at the employer’s discretion.  If your benefits provider already does this, we can talk about how best to use those benefits, and, how they fit into the employee's bigger picture.
Rank and File employees

Rank and File employees

  • Financial Planning Basics
  • College Planning
  • 4 Keys to Cutting College Costs
  • An Inside Look at Qualifying for Financial Aid (for College)
  • Roth IRA Basics
  • Empower, Elevate, Achieve: Financial Guidebook for Women
Employees Nearing Retirement

Employees Nearing Retirement

  • Seven Things You Need To Do In The Decade Before You Retire
  • Savvy IRA Planning 
  • Savvy Social Security Planning
  • Savvy Medicare Planning
  • Making it Last - Retirement Income Strategies Series
Owners, Management, Key Employees

Owners, Management, Key Employees

  • Savvy Tax Planning
  • Savvy Generational Planning
  • Six Steps to Legacy Planning for the Generations
  • Executive Benefits
  • Wealth Strategies for Business Owners
  • Strategies to Safeguard Your Wealth
Libraries and Community Centers

Libraries and Community Centers

  • First Time Home Buying
  • Budgeting for Life After College
  • Dealing with Student Loan Debt
  • Money Management
  • Your Spending, Your Savings, Your Future
  • Investing Basics
  • Personal Finance Fundamentals

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Focus Financial's Employee Financial Education Seminar Client List

Adams Nut and Bolt
ADC Telecommunications
Ashland Oil
Aspen Research
Aveda Corporation
Banner Engineering
Becker Arena Products
Best Buy
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Braun Intertec
Briggs and Morgan Law Firm
Brown Institute
CFG Insurance Services, Inc.
Cherney Industries
Columbia Park Medical
Custom Research
Dakota County


Data Card
Design Services Group
Dunwoody Institute
Eaton Corporation
ENTEX Information Systems
Fairview Health Services
Fallon McElligott
Farmers Home Group
Federal Express
Federal Cartridge
Fingerhut Companies
General Dynamics
General Mills
Health East
Hennepin County
IKON Office Solutions
ITT Consumer Finance
Job Boss

Ramsey County
Residential Funding Corporation
Scherer Brothers Lumber Company
SIMS Deltec
Skyline Displays
Star Tribune
State of Minnesota
Sysco Foods
Thermo Ramsey
Thomson West
Turk, Inc.
URS, Inc.
Viking Electric
Vital Signs

King Technology
Kowalski’s Supermarkets
Land O’ Lakes
Liberty Diversified Industries
Magenic Technologies
Mains’l Services
Martin Williams Advertising
Media Loft
Minnesota Zoo
MN Attorney General’s Office
MN Department of Labor and Industry
MSI Institute
Nemer Fieger Advertising
Network Title
Nilfisk Advanced

This is a partial list of FFN clients and it is not known whether these clients approve or dissaprove of FFN’s advisory services. January 28th, 2010