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  • Savvy Medicare and Social Security for Baby Boomers 
    • Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Drake University, Tom and Ruth Harkin Center
      • September 5th, 10am - 11:30am - Social Security
      • September 12th, 10am - 11:30am - Medicare

For the full OLLI at Drake fall course catlog and to find out how to get involved, Call: 515.271.2120, Email:, on the internet:, on FaceBook:

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Savvy Medicare Planning

Savvy Medicare Planning

Everything you need to know about Medicare to clear up all the confusion from "watercooler' talk and armchair experts.

Managing Health Care Expenses in Retirement

30 Minutes on Medicare Basics

Transitioning to Medicare

Savvy Social Security Planning

Savvy Social Security Planning

Get the help and information you need with the important decisions you face in transitioning into retirement with these programs; 

What Baby Boomers Need to Know about Their Retirement Income

Social Security Planning for Women

Social Security Planning for Couples

Basic Rules and Claiming Strategies

Savvy College Planning

Savvy College Planning

There's more to college expense planning than 529 plans.  Find out how to make your college savings work had for you.  Programs include;

4 Keys to Cutting College Costs: How to Avoid Overpaying

An Inside Look at Qualifying for Financial Aid

6 Ways to Cut College Costs

Savvy IRA Planning

Savvy IRA Planning

Get the help and information you need for a care-free retirement.  The Savvy IRA Planning series includes;

Strategies to Help You Save Taxes and Get More Out of Your IRA

The New Retirement Rules: Understanding SECURE Act 2.0

6 Retirement Account Options Every Retiree Must Know: Picking the Right One After You've Left Your Job

Should I Stay or Should I Go? An Overview of the Factors to Consider When Making Rollover Decisions

No taxes can be devised which are not more or less inconvenient and unpleasant

George Washington

Savvy Tax Planning

Savvy Tax Planning

Retirement security is as much about what keep as it is about what you make.  Learn what you need to know to build your retirement savings and keep your retirement income working for you.

The New Tax Law Workshp: 20+ Questions Every Person, Family, and Business Must Answer Soon!

How Tax Planning Changes Through Four Stages of Retirement

The New Retirement Rules: Understanding SECURE Act 2.0

Savvy Long-Term Care and Generational Planning

Savvy Long-Term Care and Generational Planning

Understanding Long-Term Care and Estate planning is crucial. These programs give you the know-how to navigate these vital issues which affect the entire family.

Getting Long-Term Care Planning Right - Smart Approaches for People at All Stages

4 Keys to Making a Difference in a Family Caregiving Challenge

Why Estate Planning? Why Now?

Six Steps to Legacy Planning for the Generations

How to Plan, Communicate, and Execute the Smooth Tranfer of Assets and Values from One Generation to the Next

Opportunities for Collaboration and Joint Business Development

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