Federal Employees

Federal Employees - current and retired

As a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultantsm professional, I can help you navigate your federal employee benefits now and in retirement.  I offer discounted financial planning services to Federal Employees. 

If you want to learn more, please contact me.  There is no cost or obligation, your personal information remains private and you decide whether or not you continue to receive information from me.   

* Jay Ennis, Focus Financial and Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. are not government entities or government employees nor are they affiliated with any government entity. 


1 - Gather Information

1 - Gather Information

Leave and Earnings Statement, Thrift Savings Plan, and for Military your DD-214

2 - Generate Analysis

2 - Generate Analysis

Your personalized Federal Employee Benefits Analysis is prepared by a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultantsm certificant.

3 - Review and Discuss

3 - Review and Discuss

Review your results and share ideas and suggestions tailored for you

Some Highlights of the Analysis

  • What you need to know about your FERS/CSRS Annuity
  • Integrating and maximizing your Social Security Benefits
  • How the FERS Suplement/CSRS Offset work
  • What happens to your Unused Sick Leave and Vacation Time
  • Utilizing your Federal Employee Group Life Insurance - FEGLI
  • Incorporating your Thrift Savings Plan - Traditional and Roth
  • Understanding your Federal Employee Health Benefits - FEHB
  • Examining potential Long-Term Care Insurance benefits
  • Unique benefits for Postal Workers, Special Provisions, Railroad and Military

Fill out the form below and send it in to find out how to get started or get more information. 

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