Starting Your Financial Life

Helping People Make Great Decisions To Build the Habits that Build Wealth

This page is for investment rookies and people in transition who want a reliable wealth plan.  You'll find real-life strategies and advice you can use to help you orchestrate the noise to chart a straight course to your goals.  Please make use of the free, no obligation resources to help you make great decisions about your personal finances.  

Early Stages Financial Planning Services

New Graduates/Job & Career Starters

New Graduates/Job & Career Starters

Advice and Guidance designed for getting a good start.  Highlights include

  • Setting Financial Goals and Objectives
  • Dealing with Student Loans and Debt
  • Wise use of Credit
  • Understanding Your Employee Benefits
  • Accumulating toward Financial Goals
  • and More...
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New Couples and Family Starters

New Couples and Family Starters

Everything for New Graduates/Career Starters plus additional needs for:

  • Budgeting and Cash Flow
  • Accumulation Goals and Education Savings
  • Insurance and Family Goal Protection
  • Tax Efficiency Strategies
  • Balancing your Growing Financial Priorities
  • Plus more 
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Resources Designed to help You Make Great Decisions about Your Personal Finances

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Answering the Financial Questions that Count

Do you want to get answers to the financial questions that will impact you but don't know where to start?  There are a number of topics and life events listed to help you narrow your focus with answers designed to help you have greater confidence with your money. 

There's no cost or obligation and you decide if you want to continue to receive information.

Download the file and open it so you can complete it and email it back.

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Personal Finance Assessment Tools

Take a look at these tools created to help assess your personal finances.  They are valuable "eye-openers" that can help you quickly get an idea of where you stand and what you should consider to get started on the right path toward a successful plan.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Ten questions to measure your current financial well-being and see steps you can take to improve it

Link to the CFPB website

The University of Wisconsin’s Center for Financial Security

Eight questions to assess your Financial Capabilities Scale

FCS Public Domain Access website

ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance Investing

It used to be called SRI - Socially Responsible Investing, but regardless of what you call it, the focus is on the future.

I've always felt that "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" was missing the fourth "R"...Renew.  In the same way, the ESG investing movement appears to be largely overlooking an important element, namely - Shareholder Activism.  Shareholder Activism goes beyond voting and takes an active role in attempting to influence the policies of the corporations they invest in.  Not all ESG investments are created equal and there are many to choose from so know what your ESG investments are doing for the future.

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