Services and Pricing Guide

A Straight-forward Guide to Costs

Building Financial Plans for Life

A time-tested process I've developed that's designed to put my clients in the best position to succeed

Asking questions

Asking the right questions to get a picture of where you are today

Understanding You

Gaining a clear, complete and mutual understanding of what your goals are for the future


How attainable are your goals, which goals are most realistic, which are your priorities?

Taking Action

Exploring what actions you need to take to get where you want to go and building on that conversation over time

Financial Planning as a Fiduciary

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Financial planning designed for affluent investors who want to maximize returns, mitigate risks and not compromise on taxes. You have a lot going on and many things to balance like, rental property, stock options, executive compensation, and so on.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Retirement Income Planning


*Initial consultation up to one hour is free

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Targeted Financial Planning

This is straight-forward planning for hard-working people and multi-tasking parents to keep them from neglecting their finances with the goal of turning hard-earned incomes into well-deserved outcomes.

Targeted Financial Planning

Targeted Retirement Income Planning


*Initial consultation up to one hour is free

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Modular Financial Planning

This is for people who want help with a specific piece of their bigger picture. These include multiple modules of financial planning but are not comprehensive.  Examples of this type of planning includes the following.

Planning for Education Savings

Planning for Healthcare in Retirement


*Initial consultation up to one hour is free

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Hourly and Ad Hoc Financial Planning and Services

This is for those times when you just need some help and guidance but don't know where to turn.  Maybe your circumstances are unique and don't fit nicely into one of the other descriptions listed here.  This service is generally reserved for planning utilizing one or two financial planning modules rather than digging deep into your entire financial picture. 

Asset Allocation Analysis

Investment/Accumulation Planning

Budgeting and Debt Reduction Strategies

*Hourly Rate - $150

*Initial consultation up to one hour is free

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School District Employees

This is for anyone who works for a Public School District.  Whether you're close to retirement, just starting out, or somewhere in between, you deserve serious financial planning and you deserve a discount.  The Educator's Retirement Analysis focuses on your pension, Social Security, 403(b)/TSA and other savings and offers advice you can use to try to be at peace with your money.

Educator's Retirement Analysis - $400

Targeted Financial Planning -  $375 (a 50% discount)

Comprehensive Financial Planning - $850 (a $400 discount)

*Initial consultation up to one hour is free

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Federal Employees

For Federal Employees the challenges of building wealth while navigating your benefits can be overwhelming.  As a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultantsm certificant, I help you build financial plans for life at any stage.  This planning is designed to reduce the noise of your benefits to help you construct a paved road to retirement.

Federal Employee Retirement Benefits Analysis -  $400

Targeted Financial Planning - $350 (a 50% discount)

Comprehensive Financial Planning - $850 (a $400 discount)

*Initial consultation up to one hour is free

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Investment Management as a Fiduciary Services Menu

The Advisor fee is charged on a graduated scale based upon account balance levels.  Additional account fees apply and will be explained in detail to assist in choosing the program to utilize for each investor.

Ongoing Investment and Financial Plan Monitoring Services

It's very important to monitor and review your progress.  I will review your financial plan, accounts, insurances and investments with you at least annually.  However, there are no predetermined service levels based on the size of your accounts.  You aren't limited to a certain number of contacts each year nor do you need to feel obligated to meet when you really have no need to.  You decide your level of service.

Adjustments often need to be made because of changes in your life, changes in tax laws and regulations, and so on.  I am available to meet in person, online or over the phone as you need me when your circumstances change or you have questions or concerns.

Products Provided on a Commission or Transactional Basis

Generally, commissions and other costs are set by the company providing the product or service such as a front-end sales charge for a mutual fund, life insurance products, or, securities trading costs.  These costs will be provided at the time of recommendation and all transactions are executed in accordance with the Security and Exchange Commission's (SEC) Regulation Best Interest under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934


Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Unit Investment Trusts, Non-Traded Investments, 529 Plans, etc.


Life, Accident and Health Insurance, Fixed and Variable Annuities, Long-Term Care Insurance, etc.


Medicare Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplemental (Medigap) Plans

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