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Issues, Challenges and Resources for Women

Women face a number of specific challenges when it comes to their personal finances.  Jay Ennis provides resources and information designed for hard-working women who want to try to make the best use of their money to gain financial independence.  A few of the challenges women face are

  1. Women have longer life expectancies
  2. The Wage Gap contributes to lower savings
  3. Women are more likely to be caregivers
  4. Women are more likely to live on their own

Start with free, no obligation financial resources and information designed for your unique circumstances.  All personal information remains private and you decide whether or not to continue to receive information.  It's a hassle-free way to start gaining some control over your financial life. Here are a few samples (CLICK on a Title below to open it in a new page).

How Women are Different from Men Financially

Financial Life for Women after a Divorce

Tips for Women in The Sandwich Generation

Women Salary Benefits and Work Life Balance

Starting the conversation

If you're an investment outsider or a time-challenged professional who wants to be at peace with your money, these resources are a great start.  Sometimes it's far more efficient to have a conversation.  If that's the case for you, please feel welcome to schedule a time that works for you to talk about your questions.

Answers for Your Specific Financial Questions

Answers for Your Specific Financial Questions

What questions do you have about your financial life?  Click on the link below to get a list of helpful resources.  It's free, there's no obligation, your information will remain private and you decide if you want to continue to get communications.

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Personal Finance Assessment Tools

Take a look at these tools created to help assess your personal finances.  They are valuable "eye-openers" that can help you quickly get an idea of where you stand and what you should consider to get started on the right path toward a successful plan.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Ten questions to measure your current financial well-being and see steps you can take to improve it

CLICK HERE for the CFPB website

The University of Wisconsin’s Center for Financial Security

Eight questions to assess your Financial Capabilities Scale

CLICK HERE for the FCS Assessment

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