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Here's a quick explanation of these website account access services and which of them you may want to choose.  Also, easy instructions for you to connect with Quicken, TurboTax or H&R Block software.

eQuipt is a service of Royal Alliance Associates.  This is your primary portal to your brokerage and Advisory accounts.  It allows you to go paperless, view your household accounts, download statements and tax documents and more!  They're adding more capabilities all the time. This is where you will go to get faster, easier account servicing now and in the future.  The sooner you get registered and start taking advantage of this industry leading technology the sooner you'll reap the benefits and be prepared for all the upcoming features.

OneView allows you to view all your accounts with Jay Ennis, RICP in one place and run a number of reports.  Additionally, you can establish access to outside accounts to have them included in a truly comprehensive view of your financial picture. If you have access to an account through a website login, like a current employer retirement plan, you can add it to what you see in OneView.  It's your financial picture in one place.  No more searching around from website to website to gather information.  Ask me how it to get this valuable service started.

If you are using RAA view (formerly NetxInvestor) as your access to your Pershing accounts, it's time to switch to eQuipt. You'll see a similar view of your brokerage accounts plus a whole lot more.  As mentioned above, eQuipt is quickly becoming the place to go for viewing and servicing your accounts.  Please register with eQuipt and use the eQuipt Client User Guide to walk you through the transition from RAAview/NetXinvestor today.

  • Connecting with Quicken, TurboTax or H&R Block applications.

Both Quicken and TurboTax instructions are the same.  All you need to do is type "eQuipt" into the "add account" field (or the "download tax data" field for TurboTax) and select the proper one - "RAA" - for Royal Alliance Associates.  You then add your username and password for eQuipt in the proper fields to connect your accounts to Quicken or TurboTax. 




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