Resources, Services and What I Offer

Resources, Services and What I Offer

February 17, 2023

Resources, Services and Offerings for You

Client Quiz Version

I'm reminded ocasionally that not all of my clients know about everything I have to offer.  In fact, it's probably more accurate to say there are very few who actually know all the different ways I can help.  See if you can guess which of the following services and product offerings I have available to serve your needs.

  • Financial Education as an employee benefit for companies
  • Medicare and Social Security Planning and Enrollment
  • Advisory (Fiduciary) Investment Management
  • Investment Brokerage Accounts
  • Mutual Fund Company Direct Accounts
  • Small Company Retirement Plans
  • 403(b) Plans for Education employees and nonprofits
  • Stock Option Exercise Strategies
  • 529 Plans for College Savings
  • Life Insurance*
  • Health Insurance*
  • Medicare Supplement, Part D and Medicare Advantage*
  • Long-Term Care Insurance and Hybrid LTC products*
  • Financial Planning as a Fiduciary for a Fee
  • Alternative and not publicly traded investments**
  • 1031 Real Estate Tax-free Transfers to Delware Statutory Trusts*
  • Trust Account Investment Management

You proabably guessed by now that this is a trick question and that I work with all of the above plus moreThe ones marked with a single asterisk * are ones that I rely on product specialists to assist me with knowledge of offerings from various companies so I don't try to spread myself too thin.  ** Alternative and non-publicly traded investments are limited to those approved by Royal Alliance Associates, Inc.

I have no shortage of resources available to me through Royal Alliance Associates as well as Focus Financial also.  Please take a moment to download "Answering the Financial Questions that Count" By Clicking HERE.  There's a picture of one of the pages at the top of this blog post. It's fillable and emailable!  That means, once you've download it to your computer you can click the checkboxes that are of interest to you, enter your information and click the email button to send it back.  If you know anyone who might benefit, maybe they are going through a life event like getting married, starting a family, saving for college, getting ready to retire or caring for aging parents, send it to them and I'll be happy to send them helpful resources.

So the next time a friend, family member or co-worker (or YOU) has a question about something that affects their finances, let them know your Financial Advisor probably has something that may help.  You've been working with me for a while now so I hope you know there's never any obligation and I'm focused on helping people make great decisions about their finances.


Jay Ennis, RICP, ChFC, ChFEBC