eQuipt - Summer 2021

eQuipt - Summer 2021

June 16, 2021

Dear Client,

Starting June 28th the charges for many paper statements from your brokerage accounts will be increasing from $1 to $1.50 per item.  I don't like "nuisance fees" but the reality is that it takes time and costs money to print and send paper statements, trade confirmation statements, year-end tax statements, etc.  It also takes a lot of trees and creates pollution.  If you haven't "Gone Paperless" or moved to "e-delivery" of your statements and reports this is a great time to do so.  If you have but you're using RAAview, you should still make the switch to eQuipt for the future.  Everything you need to know to get registered is clearly spelled out and illustrated in the eQuipt Client User Guide.  You’ve heard it from me before but here's another look at what eQuipt can do for you, now and in the future.

Saving Time for what's Most Important

eQuipt is rapidly evolving into an important tool for routine service on your accounts.  When you use eQuipt to sign a form electronically it immediately goes to the home office for processing.  No papers, stamps or waiting for mail delivery.  Royal Alliance Associates is adding more administrative functions in the future which will save me time so so I have more time for the important things like monitoring your financial plans, your insurance and investments.  You can see all of your household brokerage accounts at once to more easily monitor them any time you want.  Please get set up and familiar with it today because you'll be seeing it more and more moving forward.   

“Un-Stuff" Your Mailbox, Avoid Paper Charges and Protect the Environment

Using eQuipt you can pick and choose which items to get in the mail and which to view and download online.  Statements, year-end tax statements, trade confirmations, investment prospectuses, annual reports and proxy vote requests.  Yes,even those dreaded proxy vote requests can be handled!  You can save trees, reduce pollution, un-stuff your mailbox and avoid the new paper charges all at once.

If you are registered for the RAAview website, you should switch to eQuipt.  Download the eQuipt Client User Guide for clear instruction to register if you're already using RAAview.  Please make the switch today.

There’s a smartphone App!! 

You can get the same access anywhere, anytime on your smartphone.  Just search for “RAAeQuipt” in your provider's “App Store”.  It's free to install. The picture at the top of this article is what you'll see when you search for the app whether you have an iPhone or an Android device. 

Protect your Personal Information

People tend to be complacent about the safety of our mail but are you really comfortable having your financial information sitting around in your mail until you can bring it safely in?

Get Started Today by clicking on the "eQuipt Client User Guide" below then download it for you reference from the webpage that opens.  You can click on any of the highlighted "eQuipt" links on this page or type: www.raaequipt.com in your browser.

 eQuipt Client User Guide

Client Account Access Page

Please get started taking advantage of this industry leading technology today.  It's no more difficult than getting to this blog post and it's rapidly becoming the indispensable, "Go-To" way for me to service your accounts.  Call or email me with questions or to schedule a time to discuss it.  515-279-5867, Toll-Free: 844-279-5867, email: jennis@focusfinancial.com. 

Thank you for your continued trust in me.



P. S.  Coming Soon - Viewing all of your accounts (held with me and elsewhere) in one place and what that means for proactive financial planning and advice.